Bulk Voice Message

Bulk Voice Message (BVM) is a business solution that lets you target millions of people easily and affordably through automated calls. It is an ideal communication tool for product promotions, lead generation, customer surveys, fundraising, political campaign promotions, event notifications and marketing services.

Key Features

  • Campaign management – BVM web portal lets customers create and manage voice campaigns within few minutes
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Retries enablement for unanswered calls
  • Tremendous calling rate – BVM generates calls at over 100k an hour
  • API integration – API allows trigger based calls to be generated, allowing customers to automate any manual voice workflows
  • Create and manage multi-level IVR campaigns
  • Powerful Text to Speech Engine, to execute voice campaigns from your content in text format
  • Identity authentication over voice – Real time authentication of subscriber’s inputs such as CNICs, Geo-location Password, Bank PIN etc
  • Detailed reports – Customers can download detailed logs showing call status and duration for each campaign they run
  • Cross operator compatibility – BVM can reach subscribers of any operator

Key Benefits

  • Unique channel with higher impact – BVM has a greater reach than other mediums with subscribers often listening to the entire recordings
  • Fast and secure – BVM is password protected and Customer’s data is safe and inaccessible
  • Scalable – In BVM size of campaigns is unlimited
  • Voice automation offering – API and PIN authentication allows manual call workflows to be easily automated
  • Transparent – Customers have access to the portal and can view all the stats and logs
  • Easy communication – A message conveyed verbally will always have a larger impact

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