Zong Careers

Zong Careers


ZonG is Pakistan’s first and only 4G operator. With over 26 million subscribers in just over 6 years, it is the fastest growing telecom service provider of the nation! We serve to inspire and empower the people of Pakistan with innovative technology that keeps pace with today's fast evolving culture. At ZonG, it is all about creativity and innovation. We believe in empowering our people with limitless boundaries, encourage them to take calculated risks, develop our resources through our leadership programmes and promote a culture of innovation to promote our organizations’ growth to the next level.

We are an equal opportunity employer, promote diversity and appreciate the individuality that our employees bring to the work environment. Women at ZonG contribute massively to our success and play a key role in achieving our organizational objectives.

ZonG actively promotes a positive mindset through appreciation of individual capabilities. We empower our talent with regular reward and recognition activities like Champion of the Month and Star Performer Award to boost the morale of our valuable team.

Professional success cannot be achieved without promoting and encouraging work/life balance and our HR team truly believes in this. Engagement activities like Away Days, Tournaments and Marathons provide an encouraging platform to our employees to interact outside office environment.

Why Zong Graduate Trainee Programme

Graduate Trainee programme is aimed at selecting talented pool of fresh graduates who can be developed over time to meet the talent requirement of Zong- Leaders in the making. The programme comprises up of multiple selection & developmental stages, each stage filters & develops candidates on an established criteria. As a first step, applications are received online through website and university placement offices. Shortlisted candidates are invited for on-campus online assessment tests. The last and the most significant stage comprises up of an assessment center, which evaluates candidates on behavioral competencies vital for the organization. This programme is designed for a period of up to 1.5 years in which Graduate Trainees get the exposure of various departments at ZonG. Upon completion of the tenure, top performing graduates are retained on available positions. Moreover, graduates are also given an opportunity to apply on various positions which are announced nationwide.

Zong HR is geared to mine the wealth of potential – and that too when the crop is fresh. The aim of the GTP is to nurture future leaders. This programme is designed to fast pace the development of fresh graduates. Tailored development plans have been introduced through the trainee tenure – from on-job trainings to mentoring programmes and job rotations to off-job trainings, all the activities are geared towards creating honed leaders of the near future.

This programme will also be a source of injecting new blood into the organization – the carriers of the culture that Zong propagates and eventually ambassadors of the CMPak Way. Graduate Trainees are developed through an experience of around 1.5 years, which helps them to gel in with the culture of ZonG, learn the “CMPak Way” and team up with different individuals to grow and enjoy this fast track career path.

Eligibility Criteria for Zong Graduate Trainee Programme

  • Students graduating in 2016 (who have passed all semesters (university courses) except thesis or dissertation are eligible to apply with a minimum of 2.7 CGPA or 70% marks. Those who have appeared in the last semester and result is awaiting must have a minimum 3 CGPA or 70% marks.)
  • Education: Minimum 16 years of education. Bachelors [4 year programme] BBA, BBIT, BCS, BEE, Bachelors of Telecom Engineering or relevant equivalent degree is a must.
  • For Business Graduates: Candidates with Master’s Degree shall be preferred.
  • Maximum working experience: 1 year (Internship experience is not considered as job experience)
  • Maximum age of a graduate trainee: Max 26 years at the date of hiring.

Applications for Zong GTO Programme 2016 have been closed.