Tourism in Pakistan

Zong 4G successfully opens the doors for tourism in Pakistan and sends a positive message to the entire world that Pakistan is a destination they shouldn’t miss out on. The campaign achieves this through two of the biggest names in the cricketing world: Pakistan’s No.1 Test Cricket Batsman Yonus Khan and England’s Opening Batsman and World Cup 2019 Champion, Jason Roy as they journey across the ever so vibrant countryside. The new campaign further strengthens the company’s position as the No.1 Data Network of Pakistan that provides the widest coverage to every Pakistani.

You will experience a truly raw and vibrant Pakistan, as our two brand ambassadors embark on a journey taking them through a number of places across the country, from the “well-of-death” to dancing off to the beats of the dhol at a mela, sharing a glass of lassi after a hot tiring day to getting on top of a truck to find new adventures, all while staying connected with the entire world along the way with Zong’s 4G network with the widest coverage and best connectivity.

Pakistan is a country encompassing a whole variety of different cultures and people belonging to different ethnicities. Every part of this land has something different and rich to offer to the world and that is exactly what Zong 4G is working to highlight. Other than having the widest 4G coverage along the whole of Pakistan, Zong 4G is also focusing on highlighting the positive elements of this proud nation to the entire world. The aim is to inspire more and more people to visit our beautiful country and to make them realize all that they are missing out on.

Whether it’s urban centers or remote rural locations, Zong 4G is there with its customers every step of the way providing them with the best possible 4G connectivity and widest network coverage. To switch to Zong 4G now, please visit the link