Privacy Policy

This privacy statement provides information to help you understand how we collect, use and share your information when you use Zong Cellular (GSM) Services.

Information we collect about you

The types of information we collect about you when you visit and interact with this site are:

  1. Your contact details such as name, Telephone number and email address, National Identity Card (CNIC) ;or
  2. Address, Profession or occupation

We collect your personal information when you:

Information collected via Zong APP

Customer’s using the services of the Zong app allow Zong to store certain information of the customer for necessary working of the app. The information collected/stored by Zong is as follows:

  • MSISDN (Cellular Service Number)
  • Consent of MSISDN via message

Information collected via Ecare

  • Verification via SMS
  • National Identity Card (CNIC)

Online Information availability

Customers’ information is available and accessible through My Zong App and Ecare Portal. However there is a robust check and balance over it. Zong ensures that only the concerned person is taking a look at his/her details. We keep your Personal Information in our business records while you are a customer, or until it is no longer needed for the purpose of cellular services. Zong ensures that all the information extracted is done through safe using several security controls for which we have implemented several verifications while using My Zong App and Ecare.

Call History and Records

Customers who want to access their personal limited time information i.e. Call/SMS/Data can do so by accessing Zong Ecare via Zong online platform. Customers privacy is of Zong’s top most priority, therefore service can only be availed with dual security check.

Third party may need customer information for providing better services to the customers however this is done keeping Customer privacy in mind and adhering to the applicable rules and Regulations by the Authority, therefore vendors are strictly monitored and are directed to not save any customer information or data.

Debit & Credit Card Information

Data protection is not just a legal necessity, but is of utmost importance for CMPak to protect their customer’s data. Customer’s while using the recharge services shared their Debit/Credit card details, CMPak ensures that the customer data is protected against all hackers for which CMPak does not store any record or data base of the customer relating to their Credit/Debit details. Zong the details are processed using high security measures through a third party via its 3D secure services.

Customer Personal Information

Protecting all the customer information, in accordance with the Applicable Data Protection laws and CMPak’s ethics requires CMPak to adhere to specific principles for which CMPak under its policies and rules ensures compliance and does not share customer data with any personal other than the customer itself or when and if required by the law enforcement agencies.

Temporary storage of Cookies

This section is about what cookies are and how Zong uses them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your device when you visit a website. The cookies mean that the website will remember you and how you've used the site every time you come back.

If you want to know more about cookies, head to about or

How we use cookies

Zong uses cookies to do a number of things. For example, recording what you've put in your shopping basket, remembering your preferences or counting the number of people looking at a website. We also use them to keep track of what you've bought from us, what you've done on the site, and to make online advertising and marketing more relevant to you.

Complete and transparent standard operation procedure to avoid obnoxious calls & SMS are available on the website along with mechanics and service charges. Please mention the entire procedure here

Location Tagging

It is important for CMPak to give the best possible facilities to its customers, for this very reason, Zong will require and collect customer location information to guide our customers accordingly i.e. in case of Location Base Charging packages.