CMPak Compliance Manifesto

China Mobile Pakistan (Zong 4G) is Pakistan’s leading telecom service provider. As the digital leaders of the country, Zong 4G leverages the most sophisticated and technologically advanced network to provide unparalleled mobile voice and data services to the Pakistani people through 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.

With the vision of leading the digital innovation in Pakistan, the company is committed to providing a digital lifestyle through its state-of-the-art service and solutions to its customers with an aim to uplift the society of Pakistan.

The CMPak Board and top management team are fully conscious that in order to implement its vision and mission, it must foster legal awareness, strengthen compliance management awareness, gather the spirit of corporate responsibility and passion for entrepreneurship, enhance the ability to govern enterprises in accordance with the law and compliance management ability, and effectively ensure the company's governance, compliance and standardized management within the legal jurisdiction.

At the same time, CMPak’s officials and staff members will firmly establish the value concept of "Everyone is responsible for compliance", and remains cognizant to the value of compliance in their actions, thus, they, strictly observe laws and regulations, respect rules, fulfill commitments and cultivate morality. CMPak abides by laws and regulations, national policies, commercial norms and industry standards, all contractual commitments, promotes social ethics and business ethics, and is a self-respecting, model and firm practitioner of compliance in accordance with the legal environment.

CMPak management team and staff
September 18th, 2019


中国移动辛姆巴科公司(Zong 4G)是巴基斯坦领先的电信服务运营商。作为该国的数字领导者,Zong 4G 利用最先进的技术打造优质的网络,通过 2G、3G 和 4G 网络为巴基斯坦人民提供无与伦比的移动语音和数据服务。

公司以引领巴基斯坦的数字创新为愿景,致力于通过高水准的服务及解决方案为客户提供数字生活方式,旨在推动巴基斯坦社会发展。 辛姆巴科公司董事会和高管团队充分意识到,为了实现其愿景和使命,公司将锻造法治思维,强化合规意识,凝聚担当精神和创业激情,提升依法治企能力和合规管理能力,有效保障公司依法治理、合规经营、规范管理。


2019 年 11 月 18 日