Zong TV

Zong Mobile TV is an App where Zong customers can watch live TV and much more on the mobile. It is a product for Zong 3G/4G customers to experience the fast internet speed to watch their favorite program on the go. It provides Zong customers a platform where they will not miss any program of their choice with a delightful streaming experience without sitting in front of TV.

It's the TV in your palm.

Android App

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Product Features:

  • Live TV
    • Customers can watch all available TV channels live. List of available channels( e.g. Dunya TV, Samaa TV and much more)
  • Video On Demand
    • Pakistani Dramas
    • Tele Films
    • Music & Fun
  • Live Radio
    • FM Tehlka 94.6
    • FM Karachi 96
    • FM 96.4
  • Favorite channels
    • Select your favorite programs from all TV channels and build your own TV Channel.
  • News & Headlines
    • Headline
    • Sports
    • Hollywood
    • Movies
    • Bollywood

How to subscribe to the service


  • The daily subscription charges are Rs 3. No Data Charges or resources will be used for Streaming of the service


Q. Do I need to subscribe to Zong Mobile TV to watch Live TV?
A. Yes
Q. Are there any daily charges for the service?
A. Yes, the daily charges are Rs 3
Q. How can I Subscribe to Zong Mobile TV?
A. Send MH to 7170 to subscribe to Zong Mobile TV or visit zongmobiletv.com.