Zong Yaari Call

Zong Yaari Call brings to you the opportunity to stay connected to your loved ones even in case of insufficient balance. Just by dialing a required free of cost prefix, customers can call the other party and talk all they want, while the receiving party pays for the call charges.

Service Mechanics:

  • Dial 11 followed by the desired ZONG number. e.g. 1103120333888
  • Dial *110* followed by the desired ZONG number. e.g. *110*03120333888#


  • Free of Cost for the party initiating the Yaari Call
  • B party (party receiving the Yaari Call) will be charged Rs. 2+Tax per minute.


Q. What is Yaari Call?
A. Yaari Call is a call completion service, through which you can make calls even with zero balance. This service will enable you to stay in touch in case of emergencies/ at time of need.
Q. How much does this service cost, and how can I make a Yaari Call request?
A. Yaari Call does not cost you anything. You can make Yaari Call just by dialing 11 0r *110* before your desired number and if the receiving party accepts, he/she will pay the call charged at Rs. 2 per minute. For e.g. you want to make a Yaari Call request to 03141234567 then you will dial 1103141234567 to initiate a Yaari call or *110*03141234567#.
Q. Do I need to subscribe to this service?
A. No, you do not need to subscribe to Yaari Call, you can use the service as and when required.
Q. Can I make Yaari Call to other operator’s number?
A. No, the service is for ZONG to ZONG calls only.
Q. Are there any extra charges for the service?
A. No, there are no extra charges for the calls, all calls if accepted by the receiving party will be charged to B-Party at Rs. 2+Tax per minute.
Q. Is this service also available on postpaid packages?
A. Yes, postpaid subscribers can also initiate Yaari Call provided their outgoing is not barred, or their postpaid connection is not blocked.
Q. Can I use my Package Offer rates while receiving a Yaari Call request?
A. No, for any Yaari Call request, the receiver (B-Party) shall be charged for the call at a standard rate of Rs. 2+Tax per minute, irrespective of their Package Plan or any bundle subscription.
Q. Can I use my LBC Package Offer rates while receiving a Yaari Call request?
A. No, standard charges of Rs. 2+Tax per minute would apply.

Terms & Conditions

Below mentioned Taxes/ Charges would be applicable:

  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% applies on every recharge.
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% applies on usage (if applicable).