Spotify radio is way off: Here’s how to use Spotify to actually discover songs you’d like


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Spotify radio is way off: Here’s how to use Spotify to actually discover songs you’d like

Have you ever stumbled upon a song on Spotify that resonates with you so much in the moment that you kind of wish you could listen to it on a loop for hours on end? We’ve all been there but we also know that doing so will just result in you getting tired of it. But you don’t want to part ways with your new found musical gem so soon. What if there was a way to discover not just one but a plethora of songs that evoke the same feelings?

For many, that’s where Spotify radio comes in. It’s the go-to feature for finding similar tracks, but let’s face it – it’s not always as accurate as we’d like. Usually, after a mere five songs, you seem to hit a wall, leaving you trapped in a loop of songs you already know. This can be frustrating and sometimes leads to you just going back to listening to the old song or repeat or stop listening altogether.

Now here’s where the magic happens – a little-known hack within the vast Spotify community that opens up a world of musical exploration: public playlists. If you’re yearning for more songs that capture the essence of a particular track, let’s say Taylor Swift’s "Right Where You Left Me," and Spotify Radio isn't quite hitting the mark, it's time to turn to the collective wisdom of Spotify enthusiasts.

The key is to leverage the vast array of public playlists crafted by fellow music lovers. A quick search for playlists with titles like "Songs Similar to Right Where You Left Me" or even straightforwardly named playlists like "Right Where You Left Me" can yield a goldmine of similar sounding songs. These playlists are curated by individuals who share your taste, serving as a great resource for discovering tracks that align with the mood and vibe you're craving.

What makes this Spotify hack so effective is the power of community-driven curation. Unlike algorithms that sometimes struggle to capture the nuances of personal taste, these playlists are crafted by real people who have poured their hearts into compiling songs that resonate with the chosen theme. It's like having a personalized DJ, sifting through the vast music repository available on Spotify to find the perfect songs that complement your current favorite.

Moreover, this approach ensures a dynamic and ever-expanding pool of recommendations. While Spotify Radio might plateau after a handful of suggestions, these playlists can lead you down a rabbit hole of discovery. As you explore different playlists, you're likely to encounter songs and artists you might never have stumbled upon through conventional means.

You can also consider delving deeper into the profiles of playlist creators who consistently deliver the kind of music you like. Follow them, explore their other playlists, and you'll find yourself expanding your library with tracks that resonate on a deeper level. Happy listening!

Written by Inam Faisal
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