Inspire Inclusion with Zong 4G: Scented Stories Candles


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Inspire Inclusion with Zong 4G: Scented Stories Candles

Join us in celebrating Women's Day with our #InspireInclusionwithZong4G campaign, where we're partnering with a prominent Instagram influencer to shine a spotlight on small-scale women-led businesses in Pakistan. In this series of blog posts, we're amplifying the voices of entrepreneurs like Saadia and Alizeh of Scented Stories Candles, who deserve to be highlighted.

Saadia and Alizeh, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, embarked on a remarkable journey during the Covid lockdown, fueled by their shared passion for candles. What began as a relaxing hobby soon evolved into the creation of Scented Stories, a business born out of their love for crafting scented candles.

Through meticulous research, experimentation, and unwavering determination, Saadia and Alizeh discovered the perfect blend of wax, fragrance, and temperature to produce candles that burned cleanly and emanated lasting fragrances. Their journey was marked by countless hours of trial and error, but their dedication paid off as they perfected their craft.

The decision to transition from a hobby to a business was a leap out of their comfort zone, but Saadia and Alizeh embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. They envisioned Scented Stories not just as a candle brand but as a platform to share meaningful experiences and evoke cherished memories through scents. Thus, the name "Scented Stories" was born, reflecting their desire for each candle to have a narrative that resonated with both them and their customers.

At the heart of Scented Stories is their best-selling candle, "Love Language." Inspired by a cherished family tradition involving the fragrant motia flower, this candle embodies the essence of love passed down through generations. Saadia and Alizeh's commitment to infusing their candles with personal stories and connections sets Scented Stories apart, creating an emotional bond between the brand and its customers.

Navigating the challenges of sourcing vendors and building working relationships tested Saadia and Alizeh's resolve, but their determination never wavered. With the unwavering support of loved ones and a collaborative spirit, they overcame obstacles and forged ahead, confident in their vision for Scented Stories.

As they celebrate milestones such as completing their first year in business and witnessing the joy their candles bring to customers, Saadia and Alizeh remain grateful for the journey they've embarked upon together. Their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: Take the plunge, trust in the process, and never underestimate the power of community and support.

With each candle they craft, Saadia and Alizeh continue to weave stories that transcend time and space, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and homes of those who experience the magic of Scented Stories.

If you wish to follow their journey or support their business, you can find them on Instagram using the following link: Scented Stories Candles

Written by Inam Faisal
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