Revolutionizing Visuals with AI: A Game-Changer for Data Analysis and Presentations

Zahid Hussain

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Revolutionizing Visuals with AI: A Game-Changer for Data Analysis and Presentations

On a very cold winter day, Ali reaches his new office. He has recently changed jobs, and his previous role was as a data analyst.

In his current role, he is expected to perform data analysis and simultaneously prepare PowerPoint presentations and workflows for his department.

It is year-end, and his department needs to present the reports to the CEO. In a multinational company, data-driven decision-making is crucial, and this culture is adhered to by all departments.

Now here is the challenging part! Ali, has reviewed all the previous reports and they are designed on traditional templates, repeated and used by all and sundry across the industry. The slides are bombarded with numbers and full of verbose content. Barely, anyone would be able to grasp the gist behind each stat or analysis. He was used to breaking data into eye-catchy visuals. Such visuals instantlyappeal to onlookers, making your stats look more impressive and the numbers more meaningful.

Ali, though, has found himself in a major time-crunch where the reports need to be generated instantly. The data is compiled and now he has to work on the presentation and visuals which he believed were still severely lacking. After the acknowledgment from his senior, he started working on visuals and a quick fix he was looking for caught him with surprise. And that was a PowerPoint template designed by AI (artificial Intelligence).

AI mimics human thinking patterns and fulfills your requests by providing up-to-date templates. The models are trained and use their intelligent memory to accomplish tasks when you assign any prompts.

AI Visual Content Creation & Engagement Report Launched By ScottHall.Co

Ali, now believed his days of putting so much effort in creating visuals are over and now with only a few commands he will have his hands on beautiful, catchy visuals – customized to your requirements. It also gives you the ability to edit designs and enhance your templates as per your needs.

Canva, SmartDraw,, Slidesgo, and Sendsteps offer free AI templates.

Resumes and CVs, along with proposals and pitch decks are ready made with AI

Visual capitalist can be reviewed for gaining insights on how visuals make you stand out

With the help of AI designed templates Ali was able to create a few draft presentations which he presented to his team and they were amazed by the visuals. Now the data made more sense and ideas which were overlooked or missed out due to the sea of data and content are vividly clear.

Suddenly, every department was responding to the reports, because the gray areas were clearly highlighted and no information was left out. Additionally, the reports were appealing and interesting, and many people even inquired about the template. This further motivated Ali to explore AI-designed templates.

Now he leaves this task in your court: find and explore online websites or tools that use AI to make your life easy and help you create quick, appealing infographics/graphs and design your content visuals for better readability.

For Ali, AI rocked and old templates were left shocked!


Written by Inam Faisal
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