About CMPak Procurement

With CMPak achieving the landmark of becoming the top 3G+4G operator in the industry, its Procurement department has also swiftly aligned its business operations in a manner which are both transparent and agile. We have transformed from being a steadfast support function to successfully assuming a strategic role in providing value addition purchases to all our stakeholder departments. A diversified team equipped with years of experience and training, gives our department the unique edge of handling both technical and commercial nature purchases. Ensuring Cost saving through TCO model helps us in directly contributing in the overall profitability of the company. Our structured supplier database allows our CFTs in selecting high quality supplier(s) for ensuring end to end timely project executions. Our supply chain function is integrating our warehousing tasks with purchasing, and inventories are being managed under centralized controlled systems. Our Imports function looks after import shipment clearance activities by ensuring proper import duties and taxes.