Zong and ZTE Launch the First Commercial MEC Trial in Pakistan

Islamabad – August 8th, 2020 Leading the digital innovation and heralding a new digital revolution in the country, Zong, in collaboration with ZTE Corporation, has successfully launched the first commercial MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) trial in Pakistan. The major development paves the way for conducting more 5G trials in Pakistan while preparing Zong to benefit from the launch of future technologies.

It’s pertinent to note that in August last year, Zong became the first telco to officially test 5G services in South Asia. Today, Zong stands as the leading cellular operator in Pakistan to successfully conduct the MEC trial.

MEC is one of the mainstream components of 5G technology which is key for building a smart mobile pipeline and Edge ecosystem with different vertical markets. It not only improves user experience but also reduces backhaul transmission load and latency, applies localization with lower E2E latency, and builds a new value chain forming with partners or the third-party.

The MEC solution can also be deployed and used on the existing 4G network to improve user experience, and can initiate smooth evolution to the coming 5G era.

“Together with ZTE Corporation, we have successfully launched the MEC commercial trial today and have become the pioneers of 5G MEC solution on the current 4G network,” said Zong’s official spokesperson.

“At Zong, we stay focused on technology leadership in the Pakistani market, and have incessantly explored ways to benefit from 5G technologies on existing 4G network. We remain committed in our resolve to provide our customers with state-of-the-art digital communication experience,” he added.

As current mobile network traffic is mostly transmitted over TCP protocols (from internet), such as online video streaming and file uploading/downloading, the Edge TCP solution of the MEC is tested with commercial 4G network. The MEC solution enabled improvement in an average throughput of http download in drive test by 32.8%.

Moreover, with the MEC platform, Zong and ZTE will explore more applications to enhance value for their 4G customers with their state-of-the-art network. As a company that believes in innovation and world-class customer experience, Zong is geared to deliver an unmatched user experience to Pakistanis while readying them for the impending 5G era.