Bachat Bazar

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Bachat Bazaar, which is set to redefine affordability for the customers. Bachat Bazaar offers unparalleled value for our customers, providing them with access to cost-effective Internet, SMS and call packages. This isn't just a service; it's a promise to deliver the most budget-friendly options right at their fingertips.

Bachat bazar shows specific profile based offering to you, tailored to your diverse needs. To avail these incredible offers, you simply need to dial *3535# - making savings as easy as pressing a few buttons on their phones.

Bachat Bazaar reflects our unwavering commitment to providing excellent products and services while ensuring affordability remains at the forefront. We're proud to continue Zong's legacy of care, ensuring that every rupee our customers spend with us is maximized.

Let's rally together to make Bachat Bazaar a resounding success, as we empower our customers to make every rupee count!