Internet Sim Data Bundles

All data bundles are 2G, 3G & 4G Enabled

Super Weekly Plus on Internet Sim
Rs. 350.00
Consumer Price
8GB Validity: 7 Days
Super Weekly Max on Internet SIM
Rs. 450.00
Consumer Price
25GB Total Data in 450 Consumer Price
20GB Monthly Internet Sim
Rs. 575.00
Consumer Price
20GB monthly (including 10GB from 1am - 9am), Validity: 30 Days
Monthly 40GB Internet Sim
Rs. 940.00
Consumer Price
40GB Monthly  (Inc. 20GB 1am-9am), Validity: 30 Days
Internet SIM 65GB
Rs. 2,100.00
Consumer Price
65GB, Validity 30 Days
Internet SIM 175GB (Inc. 100GB 1am - 9am)
Rs. 3,300.00
Consumer Price
175GB (75GB Flat + 100GB (1am-9am) ) Validity: 30 Days
Internet Sim 5GB/ 3 months
Rs. 785.00
Consumer Price
5GB/ 3 months
Internet Sim 15GB/ 3 months
Rs. 1,300.00
Consumer Price
15GB/ 3 months
Internet Sim 65GB/ 3 months
Rs. 5,750.00
Consumer Price
65GB/ 3 months
Internet Sim 105GB (Inc. 30GB 4am-4pm)/ 6 months
Rs. 12,500.00
Consumer Price
105GB (Inc. 30GB 4am-4pm)/ 6 months
Internet Sim 105GB (Inc. 30GB 4am-4pm)/ 12 months
Rs. 23,000.00
Consumer Price
105GB (Inc. 30GB 4am-4pm)/ 12months
Internet SIM 4GB + 5GB (4am-4pm)
Rs. 785.00
Consumer Price
9GB [4GB Flat + 5GB (4AM-4PM)] , Validity 30 Days
Internet SIM 12GB + 15GB (4am-4pm)
Rs. 1,250.00
Consumer Price
27GB [12GB Flat + 15GB (4AM-4PM)], Validity 30 Days
Internet SIM 3GB/3Month
Rs. 1,100.00
Consumer Price
3GB / Month for 3 Months
Internet SIM 12GB/3 months
Rs. 2,700.00
Consumer Price
12GB / Month for 3 Months
Internet SIM DTO
Rs. 550.00
Consumer Price
1GB Data daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Internet Sim GNO
Rs. 230.00
Consumer Price
1GB Data daily from 1:00 am to 9:00 am


Steps To Follow

  • Enter MBB Child number/Internet SIM number and press “subscribe” button.
  • You will receive PIN of 7 Digits on your MBB user interface & on child number as well.
  • Enter your PIN and press “Verify & Subscribe”.

Same PIN will be used for future subscriptions if customer subscribe MBB & Internet SIM via online shop

Which subscriber base will be eligible to use the online activation shop?
All Zong prepaid users can activate bundles (voice, SMS, internet and hybrid) through online activation shop
What will be the confirmation SMS received on his number when customer will reply with Y.
“Dear Customer Your Request has been submitted successfully and you will receive a confirmation SMS soon. Thank you.”
What will be the time required in which the package will be activated on customers number, after he replies with Y
Within 15 mins
What if I already have a Data package and activate another one from here will it over ride the initial package?
Yes. It will be overridden
Will I receive any intimation message that my initial package will be over ridden
Yes, intimation message will be received

Terms & Conditions

Below mentioned Taxes/ Charges would be applicable:

  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% applies on every recharge.
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% applies on usage (if applicable).


  • All prices are inclusive of Taxes