Congratulation on taking the first step! Scroll down to see how your journey with our recruitment process will go!

Step 1: Look Around - the world is open for opportunities!

Look through the vacant positions, explore the Job description. If you think there is a platform for your flight, click! Apply!

Step 2: Apply online – Fast & hassle free!

Our application portal through our portal will help you upload your CV, even help you build one! Add your specifications and submit

Step 3: Wait and keep your spirit high!

We know how cumbersome the wait can be, but we need to work to craft the best place for you where you can fit as a professional and develop your abilities further.

Step 4: We’ll call – Very soon, we want you on-board ASAP!

A representative from HR will call you up and have a chat. We want to know who you are and what you do.

Step 5: The Test – We must measure how good you are!

We believe in transparency and merit. Each test is specifically designed to gauge the abilities and aptitude for each job at each level. The passing score is ___.

Step 6: Meet us –

A representative from HR will schedule an interview with our HR team and the functional department. There can be interviews depending on the position and skill set being presented.

Step 7: Paperwork – We believe in accountability!

Once you are selected after the interviews, we will require submission of your education and experience documents. The details will be emailed to you prior to the invitation for submission of documents at the HQ or Regional Offices.

Step 8: We welcome you with open arms!

We will welcome you as our own – the Zong family awaits, best of luck!