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Zong 4G, the fastest-growing digital company in Pakistan, takes extreme pride in nurturing & developing the youth of Pakistan, into the Digital Leaders of tomorrow. With our Digital Trainee Executive Program, our goal is to on board a fresh lot of skilled graduates. Graduates that exhibit strong leadership abilities, aim to further develop their digital skills and are passionate to become part of our digital revolution journey.

After you become part of the Digital Trainee Executive Programme, you’re in for a treat! This programme is every fresh graduate’s dream, a programme where you will experience the best development interventions & networking opportunities but not just that, you’ll be part of a team that’ll make sure that with all the learning opportunities, you don’t miss out on the fun. We will help you learn, grow and refine yourself, equipping you with the right skill set & exposure required to excel in your career.

So don’t wait & apply now!


  • Position Title: Digital Trainee Executive
  • Hiring Type: Permanent (Full-time Employment)
  • Location: Islamabad, HQ


  • Government & Corporate Sales – The aim is to stimulate corporate market expansion through the provision of inventive and valuable solutions and an enhanced customer experience that effectively caters to the requirements of corporate clients.
  • Marketing – The marketing department promotes products and services to drive customer engagement and uplift the sales. This department strategizes, implements, and manages campaigns to attract and retain customers, enhance brand awareness, and drive business growth.
  • Sales & Distribution – The Sales and Distribution (S&D) Department is responsible for establishing and efficiently managing sales channels, expanding them, and ensuring the effective distribution of ZonG products across various channels. This department maintains customer touch points and plays a crucial role in achieving the organization's long-term and short-term growth and sales goals.
  • Human Resources - The department ensures to develop and execute HR strategies, as well as overseeing the comprehensive talent management process. It employs effective HR interventions to support and manage the organization's workforce across key areas such as recruitment, onboarding, training, employee relations, benefits administration, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Digital Technologies - The objective of Digital Technologies department is to drive the advancement of digital intelligent transformation and attain high-quality development in the domains of Data Management, Software Development, and Governance.
  • BSS & IT Infrastructure – This department ensures IT strategy formulization & availability of IT Infrastructure to all stakeholders to fulfill their day-to-day business requirements.
  • Information Security - The Information Security department safeguards organizational data and systems from potential threats, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets
  • Network Operation & Maintenance Center (NOMC) – Oversees the day-to-day operation, maintenance, and performance management of the organization's Core network, ensuring its reliability, efficiency, and security while promptly resolving any network-related issues that may arise
  • E2E - The E2E department is responsible for designing, deploying, and maintaining the organization's wireless network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance for mobile devices and users.


  • Fresh graduates of 2023 holding Bachelors/ Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT, Management Sciences, Law or any relevant field.
  • Score/CGPA: Minimum 2.5 CGPA or 70% Marks required
  • Age: maximum 26 years (at the time of hiring)
  • Work Experience: Maximum up to 1 year

Last Date to Apply: 10TH AUGUST, 2023

Hiring Steps:

1) Online Application Submission

3) Panel Interview

5) Job Offer & Onboarding

2) Online Test

4) Assessment Center

1) Online Application Submission

2) Online Test

3) Assessment Center

4) Final Interview

5) Job Offer & Onboarding

Applications Open