Primary Rate Interface (PRI) provides industry graded voice services on a single circuit or line by creating a direct digital connection of your office/branch intercom exchange to your central office. Primary Rate Interface (PRI) can support up to 30 calls simultaneously.


  • Inward Dialing - 100 to 500 Numbers: Outsiders can dial the reception desk directly using Direct Inward Dialing number
  • Caller ID: Unique Caller Line Identification (CLI) number will be displayed on your extension’s CLI enabled desk-set
  • Call Hunting: System automatically searches for the free line if dialed extension is busy
  • Hybrid Media: Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is available on both wireless and wireline media to customer premises
  • 24 x 7 operation and support
  • Converged Billing:All used extensions shall be billed against one master number


  • Reduced TCO: Total control is now in your hands with centralized branch connectivity
  • Calls from fixed local loop will be charged as Zong to Zong calls
  • Scalable up to any number of Primary Rate Interface (PRI) connections
  • Pay as you grow model
  • Premium voice quality as voice communication does not break into voice packets
  • No opportunity loss of your potential business due to Call Hunting feature
  • Increased service level of your help desk, information desk, reception and inquiry center as they can receive multiple calls simultaneously
  • Protected line ensuring security communication protocols

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