Primary Rate Interface

PRI is a service that creates a direct digital connection of your office/branch intercom exchange to a central office to provide industry graded voice services on a single circuit or line. PRI supports 30 concurrent calls simultaneously.

Key Features

  1. Direct Inward Dialing- 100 to 500 numbers: Outsiders can dial the desk directly using DID number
  2. Caller ID: Unique CLI number will be displayed on your extension CLI enabled desk set
  3. Call Hunting: System automatically hunts the free line if dialed extension is busy
  4. 24 x 7 operation and support
  5. Hybrid Media: PRI is available on both wireless and wireline media to customer premises
  6. Converged Billing: All extensions used shall be billed against one Master Number

Key Benefits

  1. Total Cost of Ownership: Branch centralized & controlled business dialing for large enterprises
  2. Call from Zong throughout-FLL to Zong will be charged as on-net
  3. Pay as you Grow Model
  4. Help desk/inquiry centers can receive multiple simultaneous calls. Scalable to support virtually unlimited voice calls simultaneously
  5. Premium voice quality as voice communication doesn’t break into voice packets
  6. No opportunity loss of your potential business due to hunting feature
  7. Increased service level of your help desk, information desk, reception and inquiry center
  8. Secure Line ensuring security communication protocols
  9. Branch centralized & controlled business dialing through PRI

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