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Seamlessly expand your Wi-Fi coverage and services to meet evolving business needs. Managed Wi-Fi platform provides centralized control over all the Wi-Fi hotspots from a single, intuitive interface, empowering centralized administration. Define and enforce user privileges, bandwidth limitations, and security protocols for each remote hotspot, ensuring compliance and optimal performance. Streamline service delivery with centralized policy and configuration management, eliminating the need for manual on-site adjustments. Provide users with simple interfaces to control their local Wi-Fi settings, fostering responsible usage and network optimization.


  • Fortify access with OTP Authentication: Safeguard your users and data with a layer of secure, time-sensitive one-time passwords, granting access only to authorized individuals.
  • Dynamic Sessions for Optimal Control: Tailored sessions based on time or volume of activity ensure efficient resource allocation and prevent misuse. Think of a dynamic hourglass, adjusting its sand flow to match user needs.
  • Pulse the Audience with Interactive Online Surveys: Gather valuable feedback and insights from your users with engaging online surveys, driving informed decision-making and enhanced user experiences.
  • Targeted Engagement through Digital Advertisements: Craft personalized ad campaigns that resonate with your audience, maximizing impact and driving conversions.
  • Personalized Landing Pages for Seamless Journeys: Guide users to the information they seek with customized landing pages, creating a smooth and intuitive experience.


  • Maximize ROI with digital advertisements
  • Digital library stores up to 4 advertisements and plays them randomly
  • Effortless navigation, intuitive control
  • Access privileges with multiple access policy
  • Supports Social media sign-in
  • Entertain maximum footfall

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