Business Branch Connectivity (Private Leased Circuit)

Private Leased Circuit is a point-to-point digital leased line based dedicated private link. It is a “Domestic” service between customers’ premises countrywide, forming a backbone for customers’ domestic private network. With growing business needs a reliable but cost-effective branch connectivity is an ultimate requirement for any enterprise to transfer high-bandwidth voice, data and video applications. Multinational and National Companies continue to avail assured connectivity for their offices and sites situated nationwide. DPLC enables you to transport your data securely via dedicated end-to-end facility.

Key Features

  • High availability that guarantees network uptime as high as 99.99%
  • Proactive monitoring from centralized Network Operation Center
  • Diverse bandwidth options (10 Mbps to 100,000 Mbps) for all business requirements
  • Greater reach
  • End to End provisioning including access circuits
  • Maximum utilization of bandwidth
  • Service Level Objectives (network availability, latency and installation)
  • Variety of network topologies (Point-to-Point, Point-to Multi-point)
  • Advanced Transmission Technology, supportive up to 100 Gbps
  • Highly reliable communication- not affected by congestion
  • Easy — one point of contact for all your services
  • Flexible to carry all types of transmission (voice, fax, video, audio, data)
  • Zong network is engineered with built-in failover and redundant network paths

Key Benefits

  • Multimedia Circuits: Links can be used for all types of traffic i.e. voice, video or data
  • Links can be used to connect telepresence and video conferencing services among branches
  • Security: Private circuits without any information leakage threat. Multi campus educational institutions
  • Flawless and uninterrupted data flow
  • Bandwidth speed range and delivery method that perfectly meets your business’ needs up to 100 Gbps
  • Zong private line lets you transport private and sensitive information securely across your network
  • Metro, nationwide and global availability
  • Private inter-branch inter-communication system can be connected over these circuits.

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