Q. What is PayMax?
A. For just about anybody, Zong and Askari Bank have collaborated to bring you the best and most reliable: PayMax! Our wide range of services includes paying utility bills, sending money to your loved ones, mobile top-up and so much more. Our prime features have to be security and ease which shows how much we value our customers.
Q. Is there any fee for opening PayMax Mobile Account?
A. Opening PayMax Mobile Account is absolutely free.
Q. Where can I register for a Mobile Account?
A. The Customer may register for the Services through either of the following:
  • 1) PayMax Mobile Application
    • a) iOS
    • b) Android
  • 2) Dialing *788#
  • 3) Visiting Zong Franchise
  • 4) Visiting PayMax Outlet
Q. What is the eligibility criteria for opening PayMax Mobile Account?
A. Any user with a valid NADRA CNIC can sign up for PayMax Mobile Account
Q. Is PayMax for ZONG customers only?
A. Any network can get registered as a PayMax customer.
Q. What is my PayMax Account Number?
A. Your registered mobile number is your account number.
Q. How can I receive Account statement?
A. You can view your last five transactions, free of cost, under mini-statement. For a detailed bank statement you can call on 2525 (for Zong subscriber) or 0311-111-2525 (for other network subscriber).
Q. How can I access my PayMax account?
A. Currently there are two ways to access PayMax Account:
  • Dial *788#
  • PayMax Mobile Application available on Android and iOS.
Q. How can I access Mobile Account menu after registration?
A. You can access through USSD *788# or PayMax Application:
For USSD *788#:
  • Upon successful registration, you will receive a temporary password.
  • Dial *788#.
  • Set your 4 digit MPIN and main screen for your usage will appear.
For PayMax Application:
  • Upon successful registration, you will receive a temporary password.
  • Login your PayMax application with your registered number.
  • You will be asked to enter the temporary password sent by us and then promoted to enter the new password of your choice.
  • Set your 4 digit MPIN and main screen for your usage will appear.
Q. Can the limits be increased or decreased?
A. No. The limits are as per State Bank of Pakistan's approved regulations.
Q. What if I forget my Password?
A. Call helpline 2525 from your registered number and request for new Password. A new Password will be communicated to you via SMS which you will be prompted to change.
Q. What is MPIN?
A. The protecting of your money has always been our prime concern. MPIN is your lock and key. Without your MPIN you can't perform any transactions. We request you to keep your MPIN safe.
Q. What if I forget my MPIN?
A. Call helpline 2525 from your registered number and request for MPIN reset. A new MPIN will be communicated to you which you will change.
Q. Are there any limits for the transaction?
A. The limits for transactions are as per State Bank of Pakistan guidelines. They are as follows:
Level 0 account:
  • - Rs. 25,000/- per day
  • - Rs. 40,000/- per month
  • - Rs. 200,000/- per year
  • - Max. Balance Limits: Rs. 200,000
Level 1 account:
  • - Rs. 50,000/- per day
  • - Rs. 80,000/- per month
  • - Rs. 800,000/- per year
  • - Max. Balance limits: 400,000
CNIC Transaction Limit (Sender and Receiver):
  • - Rs. 15,000/- per month (Without Biometric)
  • - Rs. 50,000/- per month (With Biometric)
Q. How secure is PayMax?
A. PayMax Accounts encompasses the same level of security as of that an ATM. We even go a step further and use GSM encryption for all transactions. It’s safe to say that PayMax account is very secure.
Q. How long does the Money Transfer transaction take?
A. Money Transfer sending and receiving is done instantly.
Q. Is there a time limit for customer to receive a Money Transfer transaction?
A. There is no time limit as such. However, it is recommended for customers to claim their money transfer transaction within 30 working days of transaction.
Q. What if I do not receive confirmation message of transaction?
A. First, ensure that the mobile numbers mentioned in the receipt/mini statement are correct. If the problem persists, then call helpline from the PayMax registered number and the call center agent will confirm transaction status and resend the confirmation message.
Q. Who can be a PayMax Branchless Banking account holder?
A. Anyone with a biometric verified SIM and valid NADRA CNIC can sign up for a PayMax account.
Q. What will be the process if I lose/forget the Transaction ID?
A. Transaction ID only acts as a receipt. If the Transaction ID is misplaced then you can call 2525 and after answering a few simple questions about yourself, the Transaction ID will be conveyed to you.
Q. Will I get a receipt or any SMS notification after the transactions?
A. SMS notification will be sent to the sender and the receiver of the transaction or any leg of the transaction is completed. This is only if mobile phone numbers have been provided for the transaction.
Q. If my SIM gets stolen, will my PayMax Account will be compromised?
A. No, the account is never compromised because it cannot be used without the secret MPIN code. We advise you to call the helpline and log a request for blocking the stolen SIM. After your data is validated, the SIM and account will be blocked, the customer MPIN reset. The customer can then collect a replacement SIM from any ZONG CSC or Franchise and continue using his PayMax Account after changing his MPIN.
Q. What is Cash deposit and what do I require before performing Cash deposit?
A. Cash deposit is basically adding money to the PayMax account. For that, you need a PayMax account to do a successful Cash deposit.
Q. What is Cash Withdrawal and what does the customer require before performing Cash Withdrawal?
A. Cash Withdrawal is withdrawing money from the PayMax account. A customer needs to have a ZONG SIM, a valid PayMax account and available funds in the account to do successful Cash Withdrawal.
Q. What if I want to shift to another network?
A. You will first have to close your PayMax Account before being able to shift to another network.
Q. What if I want to terminate my Mobile Phone services?
A. You will first have to close your PayMax account and then request for a mobile phone service termination.
Q. Is there any tax deduction on depositing money into my Mobile Account?
A. No tax is applicable on depositing into your Mobile Account.
Q. Can I still avail PayMax Services if I don’t register?
A. Yes, you can, by visiting PayMax agents who are always ready to serve you.
Q. What is my helpline number?
A. For Zong networks, helpline is 2525, but for all other networks, please contact 0311-1112525.
Q. What is the procedure for closing PayMax account?
A. To close a PayMax Account, the account holder will visit a Franchise and fill the account closing form. The request is then sent to Bank who, after verification from the customer, would close the customer account. Any remaining balance in the account can be picked up from the same Franchise where the request was initiated to close the account.