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Shadi Portal

ZONG brings Shadi Portal for its customers. Dial 654 and talk to other members to search for your ideal life partner.

Service Flow

  • Dial 654.
  • Record your profile in given 30 seconds time period. The profile will be screened and made live after 24 hours and you will be informed.
  • Once profile is live then you can then listen to recorded profiles of other members.
  • Select the profile of member you're interested in.
  • The selected profile will get SMS notification and if they are interested then all they have to do is call the number they got SMS from.

Terms & Conditions

  • Profile uploading will be subject to screening to make sure that recording quality is good and does not contain any obscene language that is offensive to anyone.
  • Customer cannot listen to profiles unless they've recorded one for themselves.
  • Only party B (that the subscriber has selected) can initiate the call

How to Activate

Dial 654

How to De-activate

Send "Un<space>sub to 654"@Rs.1+tax/sms

Product Price
Rs.1+tax/mint and Rs.1+tax/daily charges