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Shadi Portal

ZONG brings Shadi Portal for its customers. Dial 654 and talk to other members to search for your ideal life partner.

Zong Student Portal

For the first time in Pakistan, Zong brings an exciting service for the student base in Pakistan. The service offers a rich feature set which is precisely conceptualized to give students easy access to their academic affairs via their cell phones.

ZONG Kisan Portal

Mobile services in Pakistan's large and medium sized cities are going saturated. Due to this reason ZONG has launched this new IVR Service..

ZONG Audio Books

ZONG once again sets to launch an interesting service (IVR Books) that includes something for everyone. This service is primarily targeted towards..

ZONG Regional Portal

In order to get songs, poetry and much more in the regional languages, the customers can access the Punjabi Portal through the short code 456 for..