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ZONG Internet World

Unlimited Choices. Indefinite Fun.

A one-stop for all your entertainment needs! Download the latest songs, videos, ringtones & wallpapers, or browse through the latest news, sports & weather updates - all in one portal



  • 3 FREE downloads in Rs. 3/day

Free Trial:

  • Zong is bringing you an exclusive 3 day FREE trial till Nov 30th 2013!

Recommended Internet Bundles:

Handsets That Work:

All internet-enabled handsets except for Blackberry. These include all iOS, Android OS, Windows OS or JAVA OS phones such as from Apple, Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, Motorla, HTC, LG, Q-Mobile, etc.


Q: How can I access Zong Internet world?

A: visit www.zworld.zong.com.pk from your internet enabled mobile phone.

Q: How can I subscribe to Zong Internet World?

A: Send “sub” to 5599 or visit www.zwrold.zong.com.pk and subscribe

Q: What are the charges of subscription and the offer?

A: Charges are Rs. 3/day and you will get 3 Free downloads/day.

Q: Can I use Zong Internet world without subscription?

A: You can use and browse Zong Internet world (Data charges will apply) without subscription but cannot download any songs, videos without subscription.

Q: What is the validity of Free content I get with subscription?

A: The validity is unlimited and unused downloads for the previous day will be carry forwarded to the next day in addition to the 3 downloads you will get on that day.

Q: How can I check the remaining downloads?

A: You can check this on the portal by visiting www.zworld.zong.com.pk

Q: Can I buy more content if I have utilized my daily limit of 3 downloads?

A: Yes, you will be informed on Zong Internet world portal that your daily limit has be utilized and you will have the option of purchasing 3 more downloads from the portal at Rs. 3/day.

Q: Will I be charged for GPRS while using Zong Internet World?

A: Yes GPRS charges as per the plan will be charged while using the Zong Internet World.

Q: Can Zong Internet World be used over Wifi?

A: No. A working internet enabled Zong SIM card is required.

Q: Which handsets does Zong Internet World Support?

A: All internet enabled handsets are supported except Blackberry.

Q: How can I un-subscribe from Zong Internet World?

A: SMS “unsub” to 5599.

Q: what content is available on Zong Internet World?

A: Pakistani, Indian, Western, islamic and sports videos, songs and pictures are available. You can also download Free apps, check news and subscribe to Zong VAS services.

Q: If I do not have sufficient balance (Rs. 3/day) for re subscription for next day, will I be able to use Zong Internet world?

A: You will not be re-subscribed the next day if you do not have balance. But if you have an internet bundle activated you can browse Zong internet world and download your remaining Free downloads (if any). However if you recharge your account you will be re-subscribed.