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Pakistan’s Best Daily SMS Bundle @ PKR2.50 + tax!

ZONG always focuses on giving YOU innovative yet hassle-free products to make your SMS communication easier! ZONG was the first operator in Pakistan to introduce Daily SMS Bundle to provide YOU with the simplest means to SMS 24/7. ZONG now has the largest variety of SMS Bundle packages for YOU to choose the package most suitable for YOUR lifestyle.

ZONG now introduces its latest SMS Bundle – Pakistan’s Best Daily SMS Bundle @PKR 2.50 + T. To subscribe dial *704# from your mobile.

With Pakistan’s Best Daily SMS Bundle @PKR 2.50 + T, ZONG proves it offers the best range of SMS packages for YOU to select – Now Say It All and SMS It All – only with ZONG!

Product Price
500 SMS for whole day for only Rs 2.50 + T
On exceeding 500 SMS, additional SMS will be charged as per tariff plan
This bundle is valid for 24 hours only
In order to re-subscribe, your number should be active and you must have sufficient balance available.

How do I subscribe to this package?

SMS sub to *704#. You will receive the following confirmation message: “Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to Pakistan’s Best Daily SMS Bundle @PKR 2.50. SMS it all with ZONG!”

Is this Zong’s only Daily Bundle?

No, Zong still offers its Daily PKR 3.99 Bundle which includes 100 MMS

Is MMS included in this Bundle?

No, MMS is not included in this Bundle

How many SMS can I send?

You can send 500 SMS for the whole day once you are subscribed.

What if I subscribe onto another Bundle right after subscribing to Daily SMS Bundle@PKR2.50?

You will be automatically unsubscribed from Daily SMS Bundle@PKR2.50 and subscribed onto whichever new Bundle you chose.

What if I am on daily 3.99 Bundle/weekly/fortnightly/monthy Bundle and I subscribe onto Daily SMS BundlePKR2.50?

You will be automatically unsubscribed from your existing bundle and subscribed onto Daily SMS BundlePKR2.50

What if I send more than 500 SMS in one day when I am subscribed onto this Bundle?

You will then be charged as per tariff plan after exceeding 500 SMS


To speak to Zong’s customer services team, please dial 310 from your mobile.

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